When two rooms are knocked through into one or perhaps when the wall of a house is opened up to allow access into a new conservatory; then this will often involve the use of a steel beam (sometimes called an RSJ or a girder).

There are only two ways to cover this steel beam. It could be covered in plasterboard and skimmed which would look clean and functional but also rather bland. Or alternatively it can be ‘dressed’ with a timber cover specially made to exactly your dimensions and finished in a style and colour to suit your décor.

In most circumstances Building Regulations would require that the steel beam is fireproofed with fire resistant plasterboard prior to dressing it with a beam cover.

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The addition of dado rails, corbels, wall spars and ceiling spars will instantly create a period look in your property. We’re experts in finishing wood and whatever your final decision is on style and colour, our skill will ensure you achieve that all-important ambience.

And don’t forget the detail! You can further enhance the authenticity of your beam cover by adding in subtle details such as indents, pegs or black studs.


Oak is always our favourite timber for a beam cover but we do appreciate that there are situations where aesthetically pine is the only choice. We can create some lovely mellow tones on pine and it is also a more cost effective option.