Focus brand update

We’ve updated our logo!

Our recognisable brand motif has been a key component of our growth. Our logo has become a symbol of quality and trust, and has helped us to successfully promote our products to our stockists and retail partners.

Here at Focus we are always looking at ways to improve, and when we decided to re-launch our website, we also decided that it was time to update our brand identity.

The new brand icon draws inspiration from the previous version, with the continued use of the arrow-head motif, the colour and the familiar Focus ‘f’ which forms the basis of the new brand icon.

Our new website is the first in a series of initiatives to roll out the new brand – over the coming months we will be integrating the design across our business, from social media to packaging and printed correspondence, our new badge will quickly become the first thing you see from us, but one thing that won’t change is our commitment to continuing to deliver the highest quality products with the best customer service.