FocusCast Stone Effect Beams for Stoves

The next innovative addition to the FocusCast range is three new stone effect stove beams.

Made in Britain and cast from a high-density mineral composite, the new stone-effect beams are moulded directly from a stone slab, giving them an authentic stone texture. Their fire-proof qualities allow them to be positioned closer to a stove than a timber beam and they provide a strong visual appeal for those looking for something a little different in their home.

Easy-Fix fittings and brackets make them simple to install and the composite material makes them easier to handle than the real stone alternative.

Available now in 48” and 54” lengths, and with a Large Fascia Beam Profile (7" x 3") there are three standard colour-ways to choose from:

Limestone - Cotswoldstone - Portlandstone

Each beam is hand-painted by our skilled team in York, so if you’d like us to colour-match or produce a bespoke finish, please get in touch via your stockist.

FocusCast Stone Effect Mantle Beam